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All the data in co5tars is freely available for you to edit on Freebase.com. So if you find a mistake, or you miss your favorite movie, be sure to check the relevant entry in the Freebase database, and put things right!

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co5tars on facebook

Join the co5TARS Group on Facebook for regular updates, and be one of the very first to see it when it goes live later this month. Or contact us for a sneak preview in closed beta, and join in with your feedback to help us make it better.

co5tars: closed beta test

co5tars is finally feature complete and released to a small group of users for beta testing. If you’re one of our kind volunteers, please help us by posting your comments here. If you are not a beta tester, but would like to be, please mail us at info (at) iconomical (dot) com, and we will add you to the list.

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